Jackie malish 4th period

Election of nixon


  • Republican
  • Ran against Hubert Humphrey and George Wallace
  • Nixon: 301 electoral votes; Humphrey: 191; Wallace: 46


  • Republican
  • Campaign focused around how he had reduced Vietnam troops by 24,000
  • Announced planned peace settlement in Vietnam
  • Democratic candidate: George McGovern
  • 520 electoral votes for Nixon; 17 for McGovern

vietnam war under nixon

  • Vietnamization- return 540,000 troops back to US, aid South Vietnam still with money and weapons
  • Nixon Doctrine stated that future wars would not employ large numbers of American ground troops
  • Attacked Cambodia in hopes to end war faster
  • riots back at home at Kent state and Jackson State College broke out against the war
  • Withdrew June 29, 1970
  • More rallies in spring 1971
  • Senate tried to repeal Gulf of Tonkin

Policy of “détente”

  • Detente: relaxed tension
  • Threatened Soviets with the support of China
  • Grain deal of 1972, Anti- ballistic missile treaty, Strategic Arms Limitation Talks (SALT)
  • Both US and Soviets continued to develop military advancements, but not as violently

Watergate, impeachment, resignation

  • 5 men working for CREEP were arrested at Watergate office complex for bugging and breaking in
  • Improper use of CIA and FBI
  • Senate committee held televised meetings
  • Reported from aide that bugging equipment was in White House
  • Nixon had recorded calls and meetings without telling other party, but had denied involvement in burglary
  • During impeachment some of recording had been deleted or covered up
  • Resigned August 8th, 1974