zero or hero?

jackson project

Indian removal act

georgia wanted the indians removed for the extra land and told jackson to do something about it. The gov. told jackson and georgia to leave them alone. jackson ignored this and kicked the indians out moving them west. This leads to the trail of tears

nullification crisis

jackson passed some tarrif that the south refused to pay. They threatend to leave the u.s the gov. passed the force bill and allowed jackson to use the u.s army to force the south to pay. they eventually reched a compromise which ended the crisis.

destroying the national bank

Jackson vetoed the national bank because he thinks there there to make money for rich people. After he vetoed the bank alot of finacial issues iccurred. He told farmers and people to muse gold and silver instead of paper money.This ended up being pretty bad.


After going to court about our case. Apparently the president doesnt care as he still focuses on forcing us to leave. Were ready to leave if this doesnt blow over. Hopefully this doesnt lead to anything violent however some members of my tribe refuse to leave.Hopefully this will end soon