Central America

By Griffin Faust - Acad. 2

The Panama Canal

The Panama Canal connects the Caribbean sea to the Pacific ocean. U.S Engineers organized thousands of workers to help finish the 10-year project called the Panama Canal. The Panama Canal serves as a valuable trade route that saves time for ships that are traveling thousands of miles out of their way. It saves time by cutting a ship's travel time, to make a easier and quicker trip. 52 million gallon of water are used in each transit to keep the canal going.

Amazon Rain Forest Wildlife - Spider Monkey

Ever since deforestation in the Amazon happened, the species of Spider Monkeys decreased so badly the came close to being extinct! The population of the Spider Monkeys are so low because of new added farmland and road land. Researchers say they expect the species to die out soon! Right now they are doing their best to keep them alive.

Paragraph 1 - Environmental Concerns / Paragraph 2 - Mexico 5 Fun Facts

The destruction of the Amazon Rain Forest has cause a lot of animals to become endangered. Since this is the largest rain forest in the world, many species probably went extinct. The government is working on fixing this by passing laws that put a limit on how many tree you can cut down. So far, this is the only solution, but there will surely be more to come.

1. Mexico's original name is the United Mexican States.

2. Mexico is the 11th most populous city in the World.

3. Mexico has a population of 121 million people.

4. Mexico has 68 official languages.

5. The world's largest pyramid is not inEgypt, but in Mexico