A Tropical vacation to Jamica! Enjoy your stay!

Land and Climate

Jamacia is near 90 miles from cuba and is a tropical country. Its a part of The Greater Antilles, which is a chain of islands that creates the north boundary of the Caribbean Sea.

History, Goverment, Agraculture, and Tourisoum

The History of Jamacia is based upon its first people the Arawak Indians. They called Jamacia, Xaymaca, which meant "Land of Wood and Water." Also known as "Land of Springs."Its Goverment is a parlementary Democracy which is run by the British. Jamaicas Goverment was freed from the British Rule in 1964.Its Main resource is sugur which makes up a small source of the economy.Finally, Tourisoum. Tourisoum is the most needed recource of Jamica, they come mostly from the USA, UK, And Canada.

Hope You Enjoyed Your Stay!

Vacation Budget

Jamaica Financial Budget Airfare and lodging together7 days 6 nights at Secrets Wild Orchard Montego Bay                                                                                  $2980                                                                                                      Activity$                 Food        Daily Total        Day 1     Catamaran Cruise           $118                  $100            $218Day 2     Deep Sea Sport Fishing    $420                  $100            $520Day 3  Horse back riding and swim  $118                 $100           $218Day 4   Bobsled and Zipline              $270                 $100           $370Day 5 Swim with Dolphins              $460                  $100            $560Day 6 Jungle river tubing               $198                   $100            $298Day 7  River rafting                        $158                   $100            $258                                                                               GRAND TOTAL   $             5182.00 The remaining money to be used for shopping.