Afternoon Pre-K Newsletter

Week of Sept 19, 2016

A peek at our week:

There is an apple pattern in the folders. Please help your child decorate this any way they would like (markers, paper and glue, cereal, etc...) cut out the apple, and return for our bulletin board on Thursday, Sept. 22nd

***As the weather begins to change, please make sure we still have an extra set of clothes including socks! Might be time to switch shorts for pants. ***

We are learning the shape triangle letter Aa. We will be building patterns with circles and triangles. Science is learning facial experience.

Our stories this week are Here We Go, Head Shoulders, and Here are My Hands.

A look ahead:

HARVEST MOON PUMPKIN PATCH! Thursday, October 13th. On this day ALL children come at noon. We love for as many parents to come as possible. The charge for parents is $3.50. We eat a sack lunch together in the preschool playground. There is NO morning preschool, and more information will be going home in October.