The Dirty Sheriff

By Lennx Brown

Getting to know

As you know George Corwin is our high village of Essex county and Salem village. He was in charge of signing the warrants for the deaths of those afflicted of being bewitched. People also say that George Corwin was one of the accusers as well except he only accused rich people. Another thing that is said is that he only accused people if they had good money, a lot of animals, or any other things that he wanted.

What did he do?

George Corwin was also responsible for the 19 hangings and the crushing of one person. George Corwin was ordered to kill all 20 innocent people. Rumor has it that he liked to do it! People believe this because he agrees with the afflicts 100% on every person they accused also he was reported saying “Die you ugly witch die!” right before he hung an innocent young woman. Causing people to call him greedy, cruel, and a liar about taking the dead people's goods. George also crushed Gail's Cory. On September 19, 1692, George Corwin placed a very large wooden board on top of poor Giles. Trying to get Giles to confess he kept on adding more and more big boulders on top of him until finally Giles was crushed by all of the weight. Some people don't like him so much that they call him “The Strangler” because there have been reports of him tying prisoners heads to their feet until their noses bled strangling them to death.

Did he get in trouble?

Did George Corwin ever go to jail for this? No way, his uncles were all judges for Salem village. Every time that he was accused and went to court his uncles would plead not guilty since they would be getting some of the lutes that he stole. George Corwin is still our sheriff and hasn't returned one cent of what he stole but are all of these stories true? Or is everyone mad at him for killing the 20 innocent people? Maybe one day we'll find out. Until next time, this is Lennx Brown from Salem times magazine.