By Andrew Collins and Johny Harris

Where you can enjoy life as much as a pigs enjoys mud.

A brief history of Pigshire

Long ago there was the great union of Boarta and Pigshire. Then everything changed when the Bird nation attacked. Only the Boartans, The military group of the union, could stop them. So they held off the bird nation, and the people of Pigshire were able to escape and establish the great city that is now Pigshire

American Dream and Why You Should Come

Pigshire is now the leader of technology on earth, and therefore has the most advanced technology anyone has ever seen. everything is holographic (of course) and you are able to do a lot of stuff in your free-time. Pigshire is seeing an unprecedented golden age the likes of which nobody has seen before.

If any aspect of the American dream is used here, it would be freedom and opportunity because of the prosperity that Pigshire is currently experiencing.

Comparison to Fahrenheit 451

Unlike in F451, Pigshire fully supports the learning community. We also are a major publisher of books for the world, and have several authors living with us in our community. We do have a strict set of laws, and we don't like those laws being broken. If they are broken, justice is swift and only severe depending on the law they have broken.


Pigshire is excessively pig based. If you have something against pigs, then please do not come to Pigshire, as you will most likely find yourself unhappy. If you come by accident or were born in Pigshire, there is nothing holding you back from leaving whenever you want. Fun in Pigshire does not include killing pigs, as there are several recreational centers that have a wide range of activities for you to enjoy.