Law Firm to New Client

Mastery Assignment 2

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Hello New Client! I will be guiding you for what is coming ahead.

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These will be some words used during the law firm that you may want to know strongly as well as you will need to bring or aquire:
- A plaintiff is a person who brings a case against another in a court of law.
- A defendant is a person or entity accused of a crime in criminal prosecution or a person or entity against whom some type of civil relief is being sought in a civil case.
- A complaint is the act of legally saying or writing that you are unhappy or dissatisfied with something.
- Summons are an order to appear before a judge or magistrate, or the writ containing it.
- Pleadings are a formal statement of the cause of an action or defense.
- A pretrial conference is a meeting of the parties to a case conducted prior to trial.
- A mediation is an intervention in a dispute in order to resolve it; arbitration.
- An arbitration is a well-established and widely used means to end disputes.
- A trial is a formal examination of evidence before a judge, and typically before a jury, in order to decide guilt in a case of criminal or civil proceedings.
- A preponderance of evidence is the greater weight of the evidence required in a civil (non-criminal) lawsuit for the trier of fact (jury or judge without a jury) to decide in favor of one side or the other.
- A verdict is a decision on a disputed issue in a civil or criminal case or an inquest.
- An appeal can apply to a higher court for a reversal of the decision of a lower court.
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