Policy Updates We Need to Know!

from Osmon, Simmons, Anderson, Williams, Bailey

Policy 3225 Technology Accessible Use

Use caution with personal use, mostly stick with school use on school tech, always monitor students who are using tech, don't friend students, guard your social media presence, don't violate copyright on tech, nothing on school accounts is private.
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Policy 3230/7330 Copyright

Confusing policy. Most things are okay for face-to-face instruction. If it has a copyright sign, don't post it on the Internet. Find Creative Commons photos for posting. Use copyright free materials...never post textbook materials or scanned books free on the Internet. If in doubt, ask the library media specialist.


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Policy 7340 Employee Dress and Appearance

Shorts, skirts, dresses OK during school but no shorter than 3 inches above the knee.

Jeans on Friday.

Dress may change due to nature of work (elementary folks have more leeway)..Follow what your principal says to do.
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Policy 7410 Teacher Contracts

Follow board policies (so be familiar with them), strive for excellence, meet professional development, follow the state law, or be dismissed.
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