All about the Humpback whale


Whales Biotic factors and Abiotic Factors

The Whales Biotic Factors are the living things in the whales ecosystem. The whale will eat things that are really small,such as krill, and Plankton. The Whales abiotic factors are things that are not living that help them survive. Just like water,air,rocks, and the sun.

Whales ecosystem

Whales ecosystem

The whale lives in oceans, but mostly in warm oceans. When it starts to get cold they go to the other oceans. They live close to krill and plankton. So that would mean they live deep down and usally come up at the top to breathe and when they travel.
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Whales food chain

The sun starts every food chain for every animal. The whale is a level 2 canivor. The sea weed and any other plants in the ocean are the prouducers witch gives plankton energy. Then the Herbivor which is krill will eat meat and plants. Then the whale is a level 2 canivor whitch can only eat krill and plankton and the krill and plankton give the whale energy. Theres a level 3 canivors that eat the whale, such as sharks and seals. There is a level 4 conivor which is the orca and sometimes eats sharks and seal. Then the deccomposers are like worms, and gases.
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Whales food web

The sun starts every food web just like the food chain. The prouducer which is seaweed and other plants in the ocean gives energy to plankton. The Herbivor is krill witch eats seaweed and plankton. Then the level 2 conivors fish, and whales both eat krill. The level 3 conivors are sharks, and seals and sharks still eat seals. There is a level 4 conivor which is an orca and sometimes eats sharks and sharks sometimes eat orcas.

Stop killing whales

Humpback whales have the lowest whale population. They went from 20,000 to 10,000 in a year. Norway, and Iceland have been killing whales for a long time now. And all humpback whales will be gone to. The whole food chain and web would be broken and a lot of animals might get extinct.

Why you should stop killing whales

The Humpback whale is has a low population of just 10,000 Humback whales left. If you kill all the humpback whales more animals will die to. If you keep killing the whales the animals would die and we could die to because we need meat to survive and we would get less and less meat.If one thing snaps the food chain it all starts going down hill and more meat is gon. Please stop killing the humpback whale before it gets extinct.
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