Tierra Caliente

The lowest of the 4 zones

Map of Tierra Caliente

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Farms have to plant crops that can withstand the topical heat. Some of the common things that are planted are bananas, rice, and sugarcane. With those being the crops grown here, those food are heavily used in the local resturants

Banana Crops

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The day-to-day temperature ranges from 70 degress to 80 degrees, which makes the climate hot and humid. To keep cool in these conditions, the people wear light clothing.


Since the heat was such a big factor in this are, finding activites to do was hard. People generall played music and just made sure they were sitting inside, away from the sun.

Music Flyer

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The shelter in the Tierra Caliente are alot like the housing in california, or any other extemley hot place. he houses have open archways to catch breezes through. Also some of the houses are often raised on stilts, because when it rains it prevents flooding. They are also not made like the usual houses that we see they are constructed with local resources such as bamboo and wood

Shelter made on stilts

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