This is the tomorrow of Cuba

Executions have meaning

All killings ordered by Prime Minister Castro are "reasonable and defined"

The deaths that take place have great reason, and are for your safety.

Prime Minister Castro orders the torture and death of Cubans for illegally watching and listening to foreign broadcasts. This act is illegal and what happened was simply a stand against the criminal injustice. Castro executes on behalf of you and your families' safety. This is for the people of Cuba.

To help with this matter, the Prime Minister will meet with is Court to discuss every execution, and decide if it is necessary

Castro does not want to have a reputation of being a mass murderer, so every time in which an execution seems necessary, it should be DEEMED necessary first. Castro will meet with his Court to discuss the matters and safety of Cuba. This is for the people.


Cellphones Now Banned

Contact with the outside world is frowned upon, all citizens caught using cell phones or any communication device will be persecuted. This could result in exile, execution, or life in prison. This is for the people of Cuba -Prime Minister Castro