The Southern Colonies

Maryland, Virginia, North Carolina, South Carolina, Gerogia


Founded by Lord Baltimore in 1634 as a proprietary colony (used in place of the King's debt). The main economic source is the sell of tobacco. Roughly 8 to 10 thousand natives lived in Maryland before the arrival of the English, the natives were welcoming of the English settlers. By 1700, almost 30 thousand people inhabited Maryland, most of them, catholics from england.


Founded in 1607 by John Smith as a corporate colony but later once tobacco became profitable, it would be revoked and made a royal colony. Their first type of government was the House of Burgesses. The major export of the colony was the cash crop tobacco. By 1700, Virginia had about 50 thousand settlers. In the area lived the natives of the Powhatan confederacy, who waged war with the colonists in the Angelo-Powhatan Wars. The first Great Awakening occurred in Virginia.

The Carolinas

Founded in 1670, by the Eight Lord Proprietors as a proprietary colony. North Carolina sold Naval Stores as their main economic source, while South Carolina made its money from the sell of Rice and Indigo. This colony was dominently Anglecan. The native Groups this area was the Cherokee, and the Tuscarora tribes.


Founded in 1733 by James Oglethorpe as a penal colony for debtors and as a buffer against the spanishow in Florida. This colony was a haven for Christians except catholics. Their major export of Georgia was rice until cotton was found to grow well there. The Savanah tribe lived in this area.