Collaboration Session 1/8/16

Flipped Learning about PLC progress & DP element

Before 1/8 at 7:40AM individually, please watch 1 video from each Deliberate Practice element to be able to share and reflect on professional learning.

After watching the videos individually, please bring responses to the following questions.

2 things I liked about the Deliberate Practice element videos I watched (not my own).

1 question I have about another element (besides my own).

Please complete the Google Form when finished.

If you have trouble viewing or submitting this form, you can fill it out in Google Forms.



    What videos did you watch?

    Please all of the ones you watched

    • Identifying Critical Content (Science)
    • Identifying Critical Content (Technical Subjects)
    • Examining and Reasoning (ELA 9th)
    • Examining and Reasoning (ELA 10th)
    • Examining and Reasoning (ELA 11th)
    • Examining and Reasoning (Reading)
    • Examining and Reasoning (ALG/GEO)
    • Examining and Reasoning (PSR)
    • Recording and Representing New Knowledge(Social Studies)

    What is one question you have about the deliberate practice element you saw?

    Please identify which video you are referecing.

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Examining Reasoning

PLC Reflection Geo Alg 2015
PLC Reflection Activity 3
Technical Subjects PLC

Recording and Representing Knowledge

PLC Reflections 15/16 Semester 1