Parts of a computer.

Basic hardware components in computer systems.

Central Processing Unit

The C.P.U does most of the calculations in a computer, and is arguably the most important part of the set-up. It is an internal component inserted into the motherboard. Because of the many calculations it does, there has to be a Heatsink or fan above the C.P.U to prevent overheating, without it the C.P.U would melt. The speed of CPUs are measured in Hertz.

Random Access Memory

R.A.M is working storage, it does not save to the hard drive (volatile memory,) if it loses power, you lose all of the workings. It stores text you enter to a word program, calculations you're working on, pictures being edited ect... Modern desktop computers have anywhere from 4-8 Gigabytes of RAM.
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A Random Access Memory chip

Hard Drive Disks

For permanently storing data, you use an HDD. The data is stored on a meta disk, magnetically laced with binary. Hard Drive Discs can have a wide range of storage capabilities, from 100 to 1000 GB (1 terabyte) of data.
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The outer casing of an HDD