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This year we have launched a publication class at the high school. The class fits into our communcation academic pathway and is designed to teach enrolled students the principles of critical thinking and journalism. Each unit they complete covers a different aspect of being a high-quality journalist by using their own voice.

One Wednesday, six of our eleven publications students were guests of Scott Clow and Jenny Lewis on the K 105.3 morning radio show. Students sat in on the wonder of a live show and then took part in an informative Q and A with Mr. Clow on the art of the interview, building a brand, and reaching a target audience through digital media.

We agreed to host Mr. Clow in a few months to gain feedback on our progress.

The students were THRILLED with the experience.

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On September 15th, the Concord Middle School football team swept the opponent off their feet 34-20 at our home field for the season opener. During the first quarter, the Jackets star running back Jett Smith was involved in an accident resulting in a broken forearm. Additionally, Zach Wilson sustained an arm injury. Despite the undeniable damage that was done to the team, they remitted and Connor Stevens ran a 62-yard touchdown the next play. Come and see the Jackets again at home next Wednesday, kick-off at 5 against Medon Middle School.


  • Trenton Frazer- 12 Tackles, 2 TouchDowns
  • Connor Stevens- 2 TouchDowns

  • Gavin Riske- 2 TouchDowns

  • Tylend Allen- 8 Tackles

  • Jett Smith- 3 Tackles

  • Nate Fritz- 2 Tackles

  • Hunter Stilton- 2 Tackles

  • Ethan Herrick- 3 Tackles

  • Jermaine Green- 3 Tackles

  • Leon Shaner Jr- 1 Tackle


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Our most recent YellowJackets of the Week represent our most grateful hive members!

Being ‘grateful’ means focusing on what is good in our lives and what we are thankful for. Often when we are grateful (or showing gratitude) it means that we are pausing to notice and appreciate things that we often take for granted. How many of you can think of something to be grateful for right now? Hopefully everyone! Whether it’s health, family, school, or a cute pet, I believe that we can all think of at least one thing to be grateful for. Being thankful for the people, things, and opportunities in our lives is especially important when we are going through stressful or changing times. It can also be helpful to find ways to show gratitude and appreciation toward others and be sure to thank those who are helping you; doing positive things for others is an easy way to brighten two people’s days (yours and theirs) and spread kindness in your community (#onehive)!

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Bee-Havior Bucks

Has your K-8 student told you about Bee-Havior Bucks yet? Students can earn Bee-Havior Bucks from adults across the K-8 building for various things: exemplifying our character traits, going above and beyond, doing great on an assignment, helping another student, etc. After earning a Bee-Havior Buck, students can choose an incentive drawing to enter (drawn every six weeks); but every once in a while we will do a surprise week-long drawing- like this week!

Today Jayden Metcalf won VIP Tickets to an upcoming football game- a reward popularized by Ms. Ruthie Stevens (who also won VIP Tickets) last Friday!

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Friday Morning Annoucements

Check out our K-8 Friday Announcements for updates about YellowJacket of the Week, the Mr./Ms. Concord Competition, and our Guess Who Tuesday reveal!
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In Case you missed it..

Thursday I visited Mrs. Spicer's kindergarten classroom. It was such a delight to see the kids taking part in one of the most essential kindergarten experiences - free choice. During structured play, the students are learning how to use their imagination, how to communicate, how to collaborate, and how to form strong, positive relationships. The students play with trains, legos, art materials, stuffed animals, kids' kitchen equipment and food, marble race tools, and that is just the beginning. They have so much fun!
Mrs. Spicer's Free Choice



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You are able to sign your child up for the Washington DC trip for a few more months. If interested, please click the link below. The earlier you sign up, the lower the monthly payment will be.

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