BY : Y A H A I R A & A N D R E A

What is the mission for our school?

Our mission is to challenge each child to reach his or her full potential through a fully unified curriculum. We strive to create ideas that deepen and advance the understanding of the arts, and with these ideas develop innovative, hard-working, and inspirational leaders who change the world.

Our Purpose of This School..

This education offers our children opportunities to develop their potential as they step out into the world as anything but ordinary beings.We choose this type of school because its focus is to make sure that children learn with a healthy environment surrounding them with a caring community that's focused on art school.


Our focus is based on art because we think that this society needs more of something we don't see on a daily basis. This world should be seeing things that are

White Bengal Tiger

White Bengal tigers actually come from India, Nepal, Bangladesh, and Burma. The climate in these countries is very similar to the tropical climate of Florida.

R E X..

Our mascot is a Bengal Tiger named Rex. We chose a Bengal Tiger because the they are considered the king of all animals and represents powerful energy. We specifically chose a Bengal tiger because it is rare and not what most people picture when they think of a tiger. Our school is using our mascot as a symbol of how are school is represented from all the other schools.