Museum Project

By: Paige And Mila


  • The Mayans were from Southern Mexico into Northern Central America
  • Mesoamerica's tropical climate ago would rot Mayan art made of wood bark, feather, and gourds. Only pottery and other work like that would survive the climate.
  • The Mayans created the most advanced writing in the ancient Americans.
  • The Mayans language was Yucatec
  • The Mayans invented solar calenders, and also created Ball-courts
  • They were known for great architecture. They built more than 40 cities and they were great cities. Each city contained palaces, plazas, ball courts, and pyramids and they were topped by temples.
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  • The Aztec people were from the Northwest desert of Mexico
  • They have many achevements in building and can still be seen in the northwest Mexico desert.
  • Aztecs make very beautiful feathers, headdresses, stone sculptures, and jewelry with precious stones.
  • The Aztec people invented two things such as a farming calender and a Religion Calender
  • The Aztecs wrote using symbols called pictogrraphs
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