Heath Concerns

Chapter 7


  • Its usually well developed
  • Ear infections if untreated can be harmful
  • Mid-range develops first
  • High-range is next followed by low


  • At age 6 kids are ready to read
  • Can see an object with both eyes at the same time
  • Ability to focus improves
  • many preschoolers are Farsighted
  • Nearsighted is common in Middle Childhood
  • If children are more engaged with close up work the chance of them becoming nearsighted is higher


  • Kids begin losing their baby teeth
  • Permanent teeth will appear out of proportion
  • Facial Bones grow to accommodate larger teeth
  • Tooth loos can psychologically affect some kids
  • You have to teach them good habits
  • Tooth decay is common because kids aren't practicing good hygiene


  • It is becoming a common problem with kids
  • Being Obese can impact emotional heath
  • they are often teased
  • They may have fewer friends
  • Are often last to be picked for groups
  • It may be inherited
  • It might be picked up on
  • If other family members overeat the chances become higher