Zach whelan pd. 6 date: 12/18/14

Joining the European Union

Ireland joined the European Union in 1973. This counrty (ireland) was one of the founders of the EU.

History of Ireland

Ireland was never a part of any other countries they are there own island. Ireland is located in Western Europe it occupies 5/6 ofthe island. Also, its located in the North Atlantic Ocean west of great britian.

Ireland flag

The flag of ireland has no real mesning except for that the stripes are equal just like there people.

Major cities and capital

Irelands capital is the city of Dublin. Some of the major cities in ireland include, Cork, Tralee, Ennis, and Galway.

Places people should visit

On the west coast of ireland there are one of a kind views from sea cliffs looking over the beautiful Atlantic Ocean.


There are some amazing sight seeing areas but some features are, low mountains, rugged hills, and sea cliffs.


Irelands government consists of 2 types they are, republic, and Parliamenr democracy.


They use EUROS they have been using them ever since they started and nothing was prior to it.


1) Did you know that an average Irish man grows to 5'8

2) Irish women on average only grow to about 5'5

3) Only 9% of the irish population is a natural red head