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What are battery


What are batteries?

Batteries are electric cylinders that have three parts: the anode (-), the cathode (+), and the electrolyte.The AA, AAA, C, D, and 9 volt are called dry-cell or alkaline batteries because they have a pasty electrolyte solution. The chemical reaction in the anode is n4=zn2+ ions zn-->zn++2e. The copper cathode molecular hydrogen could be written 2H++2e-->H2. Rechargeable batteries such as car, telephone batteries, and much more are made of a liquid electrolyte.

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Did the ancients have electricity?

They did in fact have electricity. The ancient batteries were made 2000 years ago. Willard E.M.Gray and Wilhelm were the discoverers. Wilhelm found a battery that was 6 inches tall! While the normal sizes were 14 cm tall, it was made in Baghdad in modern day Iraq. Smart gold silver- and coppersmiths made this battery. It had 6 parts: the asphalt plug, clay pot, unknown electrolyte, copper cylinder, metal rod, asphalt seal, and the copper end.

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Who was the inventor of the battery?

Alessandro Giuseppe Anastasio Volta was an Italian physicist, chemist, and a pioneer of electric power. He created the battery and the discoverer of methane.

He was born February 18, 1745 in Como, Italy. He died on March 5,1827 at the age of 82 in Como,Italy.

Fun fact: Gaston Plante invented the rechargeable battery in 1859 using lead acid. The actual idea of the battery came from Luigi Galvani.
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how does the battery work?

Batteries have three parts: an anode (-), cathode (+), and the electrolyte. In the battery there is a lot of chemical reactions in all the three parts. Atoms build up in the anode leaving unstable crazy electrons repelling each other to the cathode.

In an alkaline battery there can be an alkaline leak. The paste comes from the electrolyte. The paste is harmful and poisonous so never touch it!
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Now you should have been given the answers to these questions: What are batteries? Did ancients have electricity? Who invented the battery and how does a battery work?

1. Electrical cylinder.

2. Ancients did have electricity.

3. Alessandro Giuseppe Anastasio Volta.

4. Cathode electrolyte anode.


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