7 principles of government

by saffana velji and kamren northrup

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definition: a government in which the people rulehow used in the constitution: "We the people.." "establish this constitution" - clearly states the people rule . example: in the US the people vote together on who rules


definitions: based on belief, people exercise their power by voting for their political representatives.How used in the constitution: article 4 section 4, of the constitution calls for every state to have a "republican form of government"


Definition: a system in government in which power is divided between a central government and smaller political units, such as states How used in the constitution: used to structure the constitution,delegated powers - national government reserved powers - state government concurrent powers - shared between national and state governmen texample: In the US government they have the delgated powers to control the nation. In Texas, we have a state government that has reserved powers and can only control certain things for the state, which isn't valid for any other state besided their own. Sometimes the national and state government come to discuss what they should both do with their concurrent powers.


definition: division of basic government roles into branches.How used in constitution: Articles 1, 2, and 3 branches,legislative branch: congress, executive branch: president, judicial branch:supreme court. Example: In


definition: each branch of government can exercise checks or controls over the other branches.How used in the constitution: Only congress can pass laws yet the president can choose to not sign the law into action. The supreme court can also say that the law they want to pass, is unconstitutional even though the president and congress approve.Example: If the congress wants a law that says "kids can only have a certain amount of soda at restuarants" then the president can either veto it or pass it onto the supreme court. Let's say the president signs off on it and says it's a good law, it then gets passed to supreme court and they can either say it unconstitutional or constitutional. At this point the supreme court likes the law and passes if. If they didnt then the law would dissapear.


definition: closely related to "rule of law" everyone must obey the law.   How is it used in the constitution: Article 1 section 9 list powers denied to the congress. Article 1 section 10 forbids the states to take certain actions.Example: if there was a person ruling a club, he would have certain actions granted but certain actions not granted based on the rules the leader and the club set.


definition: Personal liberties and/or privileges. How used in the constitution: BILL OF RIGHTS!example: every person has the freedom of speech