Spanish Immigration To Texas

Evan B. 3rd Period


Where In the Great State Of Texas Are The Spaniards?

  • Lots Of Land
  • Territory In The New World

Where The Spaniards Came From?

  • Free To Create Their Own Govt
  • Trade Routes



  • Tortillas Were Jewish
  • Spanish Dishes Include Many Types Of Wine And Liquor
  • Most Conquistadors Were Spanish
  • Spanish And Mexican Culture Is Very Different


Arrival To Texas

The spanish first discovered America via Pineda who mapped the coast.Cabeza DeVaca shipwrecked on the coast and wrote about the region.His writings led to an expedition from Mexico City led by Coronondo to the North.The Spanish claimed the area for three centuries or from 1519-1821 bringing what was needed to build a country.

Early Catholic Settlers

The first settlers were soldiers and their family,friars, and Spaniards from the Canary Islands.The first settlers wanted to impose Catholicism on the natives and bring their way of live to the new world.Several expeditions in the 1600's led to the founding of Missions and Presidios in Texas.Jose de Escandon founded the first successfully settlements along the Rio Grande.This was the foundation for Texas Settlement.

Spanish Culture Folkways

Columbus brought several breeds of horse in Cuba later to be brought to Texas by Cortes.It formed the basics of cattle ranching in Texas.
Mexico gained its independence in 1821.When the Mexican Republic was formed it had less than 5,000 settlers but the laws of Spanish legal system remain today.
The tortilla was a part of Jewish Spaniards legacy.It was deemed illegal for them to practice their religion.The Jews who converted to Catholicism continued to make their tortillas in Mexico.
20th century architecture is based of the Spanish missions.Many railways in Texas have remnants of the missions.

Famous Spaniyards

Antonio de Jesus was a friar.He served as a Missionary and later created a college for Missionaries.He later supervised 2 missions and started San Jose(The Alamo) in San Antonio.He was later renounced a Saint by the Vatican.
Maria de Jesus de Agreda was a preacher to native Indians.Although he never went to Texas she was renowned for helping expand Catholicism.


I think my culture group has had a BIG impact on Texas.Lets start off with the missions,to this day they continue to be a very popular tourist attraction.Without Spain we wouldn't have a huge ranching enterprise.Our architecture is also related with Spanish missions.Spanish had a very BIG impact on Texan culture.


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