Weekly Highlights

Mrs. Jaeger's Classroom


Tuesday, May 17 - Spring Concert @9:30 am for student show

Wednesday, May 18 - Book Fair at 1:30-2:00, Buy One - Get One Free

Friday, May 27th - Philadelphia Field Trip (meet at school at 7:15am)

Monday, May 30th - No School

Thursday, June 2nd - Tug of War

Friday, June 3rd - Field Day

**There are so many special events and schedule changes at the year comes to an end and I will try my best to keep you updated on all those happenings**

Philadelphia Field Trip

I will be sending a separate email that will contain field trip related documents and information. Keep your eyes peeled!

Social Studies

I learned about an app titled, ChatterKids, at a recent Student Showcase where Bridge Valley students highlighted the technology they are using in their classrooms. ChatterKids allows you to take an image, draw a 'mouth' on it, record your voice and then the app makes it appear as your image is reciting the information. As soon as I saw it in action I knew the perfect way to utilize it in our classroom.

Last week, as we wrapped our study of the writing and approval of the Declaration of Independence, students created their own ChatterKids to highlight key information they learned. Follow the link below to view your child's video. They are not only hilarious, but informative as well!

ChatterKids Video Projects


This week, students will be reading to answer the question, How have children made a difference by standing up for what is right? Student will be reading either the selection Ryan White: Hero Against Intolerance or Anne Frank: The Power of Words. Not only will students be exploring the theme question mentioned above, but they will also practice recounting the key events by using a summary framework. The framework follows the format; Somebody...Wanted...But...So...Then... As students use these words to guide them in recounting the story, they find they have named the main character, what the main character wanted, the problem, how the problem was solved and then the resolution to the problem. I wanted to add this summary approach to the students' backpack of tools so they have many resources to pull from in 6th grade.

Students will be taking their final reading theme test this week. All of the skills they will be assessed on have been covered through my instruction and then student practice and application. Students have defined all the vocabulary words and we will continue to discuss them in class. It may be helpful for students to review the words nightly.

Ask your child:

What word/s would you use to describe Ryan White or Anne Frank? Tell why.

What is your opinion of their story?

What do you think the author's message is to his/her readers?

Can you use the framework, Somebody, Wanted, But, So, Then to summarize the text you read for me?


Students are continuing the work on their Colonial Newspaper projects. As a reminder, this project is a mixture of creative writing and research writing. Students are tasked with presenting information about this time period through creative writing pieces.

Ask your child:

Have you completed the required writing articles?

Which two additional projects did you select? (Tabloid Article, One Line Exploration, or

Comic Strip)

Are you having fun writing your stories?

What events are you retelling your audience?

We will also be reviewing adverbs, commas in a series, and punctuating a business and friendly letter.