Asian Calligraphy

By Angelina Hayes


I am Angelina and you are going to learn the ancient Asian writing form of art, calligraphy. You will learn its origin and I will compare it to modern Chinese writing and English calligraphy. You will also learn its purpose in society. I hope you enjoy this cultural experience!


According to ancient legends, a man named Cang Jie created the Chinese language. Soon after he created their language, calligraphy was born. The exact date calligraphy was invented is unknown, but, it was definitely during the reign of the Yellow Emperor.


What is calligraphy's purpose, you ask? I thought you would never ask. Its purpose is pretty simple. Basically its purpose is to write and communicate in Chinese. It's not written exactly like modern Chinese. Calligraphy is more traditional and fancy.

Asian Calligraphy versus Modern Chinese versus English Calligraphy

Click the link above to practice (Hint: it says try it!).


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