Solar Thermal Energy

By Noah, Chole, Emily, and Logan

Development of the Technology

In 1893 a French physicist Edmond Beaquerel discovered solar thermal energy. In 1910 a steam engine was powered by the heat from the sun in the Sahara Desert. It wasn't used again for 70 years until a power plant was built in the Mojave Desert.


Big mirror like plates focus heat from sunlight and heats fluids. The fluids circulate through pipes and heats up water and is distributed to make hot water and heat.
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Concerns for wildlife and environment

Big power plants take up allot of of an animal's habitat and they use allot of water. The plates can even reach up to 1000 °F


A thermal water heater for a house can cost up to 7700$. The most expensive plant built costed 2.2 billion dollars!