LPS Reopening Information

Please Review With Your Child(ren) Prior To Opening

First Day Wednesday, September 16

We look forward to welcoming your children tomorrow! All children will be expected to follow their school day schedules. Our teachers are excited to connect with your children for the first time. We encourage parents to keep the doors of communication open with teachers as we navigate this new normal together. It is our goal to ensure an optimal, safe learning environment for your children.
Lynnfield Public Schools Anti-Racism Stand

We stand united against racism within our school community and are committed to positive change.

Mask Requirements - ALL students

Please review our Mask Requirements with your child(ren) prior to opening. This applies to all students regardless of grade.

Student Feedback/Grading & Expectations

The student remote learning experience will look very different than this past spring. Students will need to abide by the expectations outlined here. Please review with your child(ren) prior to opening.

Acceptable Use Policy

The Lynnfield Public Schools provides students with digital devices and Internet access for educational purposes such as classroom activities and high quality self discovery activities of an educational nature. By doing so we hope to prepare students for success in life and work by providing access to a wide range of information and the ability to communicate with others. All email and digital work may be monitored at any time by designated staff to ensure appropriate use for instructional and administrative purposes. Although access to the school network and the Internet is essential for robust learning, using them inappropriately will have consequences similar to other inappropriate behaviors.

School Issued mobile jet-packs (Internet)

Parents and students are encourage to use this unfiltered Internet responsibly by

  • Understanding that this Internet is not filtered, like a school network, so it is essential that students are supervised while using the jetpack.

  • Using the jetpack only with Lynnfield Public School issued devices

  • Allowing students to use the jetpack only for school work

The following Acceptable Use Policy is to be followed at all times when students are engaged in any learning or activities related to or during school hours. Students and parents/guardians should review the Acceptable Use Policy below.

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The Mission of the Lynnfield Public Schools is to support and challenge all students to meet their full potential as individuals and as citizens of the global community.