George Washington

Mckenzie Martinez

I wonder how Washington became president of the united states of America?

February22-December14, Washington was born in west moorland country in Virginia. Washington married a woman name Marthia Custis.Washington and his wife had 1 boy and 1 girl. Washington had 3 brothers, and 1 sister. Washington mastered tobacco growing and stock raising. At 11 years old his father died and his half brother had custody of him.

By the age of 16 he had obtained a basic education in mathematics, reading, and the usual subjects of his time. In 1749 Washington was appointed county surveyor, and his experience on the frontier led his appointment as a major military officer in the Virginia militia in 1752. Washington did not take college but instead he studied at home.

On march17,2007 Washington decided against becoming king of the united states. Washington faced individual state war debts, and runaway inflations. He also stayed neutral during the war in Europe between the English and French. Washington personally ensured that the U.S. government would enforce its laws by mobilizing troops.

Washington appointed as the lieutenant colonel for the mission of fort Duquesne. Washington is the hero of Monongahela. Washington was the chair person of the meeting where fair fax resolves were adopted. Washington commissioned as the general and commander in chief of the continental army. He did not sign the declaration of independence.
Washington played an important role and his contributions are crucial to understanding germen town's place in American history. Washington started out as a surveyor, and Washington saw military action in the French and Indian war. Washington asserted federal authority, and he was president of the proponent of neutrality. Washington set many presidential precedents, and he called mount Vernon home.