School Intramurals- Kickball

Come play some kickball with us to have some awesome fun.

When Is It?

The intramurals for kickball is on September 29 and 30th at the gym inside Discovery Middle School.

More information at the Discovery Middle School Website-

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Discovery Middle School Intramural Kickball

Tuesday, Sep. 29th, 2:30pm to Wednesday, Sep. 30th, 3:30pm

800 Midjay Drive

Liberty, MO

We will be playing some kickball in the gym, starting right after school from 2:20 to 3:30. When we are done, you will have to be picked up by 3:45, or else you will be asked to not come back for kickball the next day.

Time Schedule

2:20: Get everybody into gym

2:30: Pick teams

3:20: Last game of kickball

3:30: Everybody leaves gym

3:45: Everybody must be gone and into a car before they can play the following day

What our kickball looks like