Battle of Fort Sumter

The beginning of the Civil War


Fort Sumter was a large fort that was property of the Union. When the the south seceded from the Union in 1861 it was the last property the Union owned in the south and they wanted desperately to keep it. When the north and south split, the confederate troops led by Gen. Beauregard demanded that the union troops led by Maj. Anderson surrender the fort. The Union refused to surrender the fort and instead had Lincoln try to send food to the troops inside. On April 12th the confederates opened fire on the fort with the first shots of the Civil war. The battle continued all day until the morning of the 13th when Maj. Anderson finally surrendered the Fort. Ironically in this battle no one was killed, but it started one of Americas most brutal wars ever.

Battle of Fort Sumter

  • Began the Civil War
  • First shots of Civil War were here
  • Confederate victory
  • was a bloodless battle
  • last of the Unions property in the south


Fort Sumter can closely connect to the battle of Bull Run because in both battles the confederate general in charge was General Beauregard. In both battles gen. Beauregard led the confederates to a victory against the union. They also connect in the fact that Bull Run was the retaliation of the Union on the confederates for taking Fort Sumter from them.