La Universidad


Los requisitos para la escuela

The practical nurses work under the registered nurses studying and following all the responsibilities they have as registered nurses. You work for your associates where it is only a two year nursing program or you can go for a bachelors (BSN) where it is a 4 year program.
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Dos datos interesantes de la universidad

All universities don't do this but at Everest you get hands ✋ on training and you get to experience the feel of you real job.

With Everest your life really matters they are really there for you they base their school to work around your schedule.

poblacion de la cuidad

The population for Austin is 885,400

Matricula de la escuela y la dormitorio

The tuition for Everest is $16,933.13 and the living cost and all you need would come out to about $5,156.00