Escape the End!

Move to Kepler-452b! By: Josie Wilson

About "Earth's Older Cousin"

Also known as "Earth's Older Cousin", Kepler-452b in one of the most likely planets to maintain life. This planet is much larger than Earth, with a diameter of about 21,000 km, and it's about 158 km away from it's Sun, putting it in a Goldilocks Zone. The force of gravity is double that of Earth's, but humans are great at adapting to the surroundings. There are 385 days in Kepler-452-b's year. This means that your age decreases there!

More About Kepler 425-b

A few cool facts about Kepler-452b are that it's in the constellation Cygus, it is believed that it had ocean that have since dried up, and lastly, it was discovered on July 15th, 2015. A few things that might be less exciting are that the composition of the planet in undetermined, it most likely has volcanoes, and that it wold take about 140 years to travel there. These minor problems have easy fixes! Equipment to help with all compositions and volcanoes would be very helpful, and designing new transportation would not be a bad idea. All in all, Kepler 452-b does not have pollution, global warming, or apes, making it a great new home.