Life on the goldfields

By Maya.J

Life On The Goldfields

During the gold rush, in order to search for gold, people had to have a claim and a licence to look for gold. A claim was a area of land 3.6 metres square. Often two or three people would work a claim together, sharing the costs of licence and equipment, and sharing whatever gold they found. To keep the claim, the miner had to work on it each day, except Sunday when no mining was allowed. A licence cost 30 shillings a month and allowed the miner to keep gold from the claim. The licence fee had to be paid in order to keep the claim, even if no gold had been found that month. not only you HAD to have a licence but if you felt sick there was no qualified doctors or surgens to help your health.

The Chinese on the Goldfields

The number of Chinese people that came to Australia in the 1800's Gold Rush is open to speculation. It is believed about 7000 Chinese worked in the Araluen gold fields in Southern NSW.

Australia first became multi-cultural during the gold rush period with mass international immigration to Australia. The lure of gold however often took a personal toll on individuals of all persuasions, particularly those who did not speak English.

The Chinese were particularly industrious, with techniques that differed widely from the Europeans. This and their physical appearance and fear of the unknown led to them to being persecuted in a racist way that would be regarded as untenable today.

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Women On The Goldfields

A typical day for a woman in an Australian pioneer village in the 1850s gold rush days, would be to rise at or before dawn and re-stoke the fire using bellows to coax embers back to life.

Women made up only a small part of the population of the goldfields.It is variously estimated that during the goldrush women comprised less than 20% of the population. They generally stayed at home with their children. With the prevalence of disease in the gold towns, it was an extremely unhealthy place for children, and children living in the diggings had a very high mortality rate as the result of diseases that we, fortunately, now only read about in history books.

The Methods Of Mining