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Acton Weekly Update: 11/03/2017

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T.E.A.M. Together Everyone Achieves More

What fun we had learning a little more about our personalities! These personality traits make us each special. None of us are 100% alike but we do have similarities of how we think, process and behave. I want you to think about "What can we do to better understand the unique attributes of team members (abilities, temperaments, mindsets)?" Next week we will share out the strengths and weaknesses of our personalities. (This can be found on the second link down on the main page of your personality trait).

Reaching All Learners

From Lindsey Elliott:

Social Skills Vocabulary:

Good (Okay or normal) thoughts: Others have thoughts about us based on what we do and say. When a person has a good throught (normal thought) about us, it means that we figured out how to act in that place with that person. When others have good thoughts about us, they feel good too and may remember how we make them feel.

Uncomfortable (weird) thoughts: We have uncomfortable/ weird thoughts about others and they have them about us, based how people act, what people say, or how they physically present themselves. When a person has an uncomfortable or weird thought about us, it means we did some behavior that made people take notice of us in a more negative way, just like when we take notice of other's behaviors that make us have uncomfortable thoughts about them.


Thank you to Matt and our district Instructional Coaches for the fantastic mini-lesson PD offered last week. Due to running out of time, Matt will finish the presentation on Wednesday and then we start the work of developing our first mini-lessons. As we go through an instructional shift together we will be sharing resources and offering opportunities to work together to grasp these new concepts.

IRA and Mini-Lesson Sign Up

PD and PLC Agenda

Tuesday- PLC Team Agenda

Wednesday- FInish mini-lesson PD and write mini-lessons

Q2 PD/PLC Calendar

Developing our Instructional Practices

So how do all of these pieces fit together with our learning about mini-lessons?One way I look at this is this: Look at the SLO (Student Learning Objective) as the time where you hook your students. You show them what they are learning and get them involved and curious about the lesson. You lead your lesson following the GRR Model. (BUILT INTO THE MINI-LESSON LESSON PLAN) Students are engaged and learning. Then at the end you assess their learning with your Check For Understanding question. Then using the CFU data you know where to go next with your Small group instruction. Those who got it, move on to stations. Those who did not get a TT based on that skill.

Nuts and Bolts

This week: College Go Week and GS Book Collection Week

Monday: SIT Meeting and 3rd grade ISTEP Infrastructure test

Tuesday: Several of us will be at the CPI (Crisis Prevention and Intervention) Refresher Course all day.

Wednesday: Jeans for Troops! Make a donation and wear your jeans! Moneys raised will be donated to a local Veterans Group.


Friday- Veterans Day Program at 9:30- Wear patriotic colors!

What's Coming Up



1 60’s dress up day-4th grade fundraiser

2 Picture Retakes

6-10 College Go Week

6 Evacuation Drill

6 SIT School Improvement Team Meeting

6-10 College Go Week

6-17 Girl Scouts book project

7 CPI Refresher

7 Counselors Meeting

8 Jeans for Troops

9 District Tech Team K-12

10 Midterm Ends

10 Veteran’s Day Program

12 baskets of hope

15 midterm grades posted

15 70’s dress up day-4th grade fundraiser

15 IA Appreciation day

16 Major Saver Campaign Kick Off

16 Leadership Meeting

16-Dec 2 Major Saver

17 Instructional Coaches meeting

17 All Pro Dads

21 Dec fieldtrips due

22-24 Thanksgiving

27-12/15 Acuity Predictive B ELA/ Math/ Sci/SS

29 Elem CIP PLC

30 K ELA/SS/Match/Science


1 3-8 High Ability ELA

1 Choir Practice

1 4th grade downtown tour

4-8 Canned Food Drive

4 1st grade ELA/SS/Math/Science

4 Evacuation drill

4 80’s dress up day-4th grade fundraiser

5 3rd Math/Science/ELA/SS


5 School Psych Meeting

7 KDG field trip to Conner Prairie

7 3rd grade winter program

11 2nd grade field trip Clowes Hall

15 All Pro Dads

18 90’s day-4th grade fundraiser

19 last student day

19 Winter parties

19 All School sing along