Battle of Thermopylae

Theme of Power

King Xerxes

"I am Xerxes, son of King Darius! You killed my father, prepare to die!" A Greek traitor comes up and tells Xerxes about the passage through the narrow valley. "Soldiers, follow this Greek traitor through the valley and attack from behind! Defeat these insolant Greeks so we can conquer all of Europe. "

King Leonidas

"Men, it is obvious that we cannot win, so to prevent unnecessary deaths I want everyone to leave except for 300 Spartans. Farewell men." The the other Greeks leave and the Spartans stay to fight against the Persians. "Brave Spartans! Fight to the best of your ability to delay the Persians invasion. Fight to protect your homeland and families." They give everything they have and fight to the death but in the end the Persians shoot them down with arrows. The brave 300 Spartan soldiers and King Leonidas will never be forgotten for their bravery and valiant efforts.

Spartan Army

"Brothers! We can do this! Prepare yourselves to fight to the death and protect our families and homeland." They march boldly onto the battle field and stand with their chins up. They fought as hard as they could and when their leader, King Leonidas fell they surrounded his body to preserve it from mutalation. They all died but in the effort slayed many Persian soldiers and delayed them greatly. In the end, they were killed off by the weapon, bow and arrow.

Persian Army

"Ha! They will never defeat us! They are little midgets compared to us! We are the mighty Persian army with a traitor giving us secrets!" The mighty Persian army marched onto the battle field with the mindset that they would beat the Spartans really easily. "ATTACK!!!" said their commander. The Persians were suprised to have suffered so many losses when they invaded Thermopylae, and in the end the Persians had won the battle and killed many Greeks but were unable to conquer all of Europe from that.

The Athenian Army

"I know that we will die, but it will be worth it." Then the Greek traitor showed the Persians the passage through the mountain. Leonidas realized they would all die so to minimize deaths he sent everyone home except for the 300 Spartan soldiers. "Thank Zeus that King Leonidas let us go home to our families and not die!"