Hurried Child Syndrome

By Taylor Mortimer

Basic information

The hurried child syndrome is a term given to children or adolescents that are forced to grow up to fast and take on lots of responsibilities at a young age. For example they may be put into a private school for those who in a family are meant to excel past the average child in their parents eyes. Being forced to go to a place with very high expectations could be strenuous on a child and could cause depression and other negative effects. This could just lead to worse things as all the pent up stress continues to build up on a child.

Possible Causes

There are many ways that a child can be in a situation that causes him to become a hurried child. If someone has parents that don't provide for their kids then the children themselves will have to figure out how to survive. This could cause them to grow up to quickly instead of expanding their minds and imagination like they should be. Parents who don't have jobs and a young teenager is forced to bring in an income because its the only way to get money into the house hold could be a cause of being hurried. Another way is parents expecting to much or setting high standards for their kids.