Mount Rushmore Itinerary

Sal's expedition to mount rushmore!

Blood rushing facts and history

Doane Robinson conceived the idea for Mt. Rushmore in 1923 to promote tourism in South Dakota.In 1924, He made sculpter Gutzon Borglum to travel to the black hills region and create the Sculpture. Robinson also wanted to make a special monument to acclaim american freedoms, and the important people that helped make america it is today.


In the Winter, occasional winter storms past but the snow melts so you can take a pleasurable walk to view Mount Rushmore! In the Summer, the average summer day is warm with a chance of afternoon thunderstorms, so make sure to pack the correct clothing whenever you visit this fascinating monument!!
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Abraham Limcoln

Abraham Lincoln successfully lead the U.S through many serious, monumental conflicts. His efforts towards Slavery were increasing the levels of freedom for America. This put him on Mt. Rushmore because of his sacrifice and courage.


Mount Rushmore is the perfect place to take a luxurious hike on the Presidential Trail to explore the history of past presidents and more! Also, between May and September, evening light shows are available to see!

Association with Native Americans

The location of Mount Rushmore affected the territory of the Lakota Sioux. Conflicts with the Government and Plains Indians rose until South Dakota was the site of the Battle of the Wounded Knee. This battle was the defeat of the Native Americans. The monument celebrates the victory of european settlers as well.


Mount Rushmore is a important memorial that has so much history. Different techniques on construction were used when technology advanced and different types of history helped create this monument.