The Chocolate Diet

By Jacob Wiley

Who and What

This diet was created by Lenny Neimark who wrote the book Pasta, Popcorn, and Chocolate Diet. This diet consists of exactly what it sounds like; Pasta, popcorn and chocolate. The diet also consists of fruit and is intended to avoid sugars and oily foods.


People use this diet as a way to lose weight very quickly. It is a very tasty diet which is why so many people like it. A diet consisting of chocolate, fruit and popcorn is a great diet to lose weight. This lessens the calorie, fat, and oily food intake which allows for the weight loss. This is a very low protein diet, so it works very well for people who do not eat meat.

Foods to avoid

- Alcohol

- Salt

- Sugars

- Oils

- Red meat

- Nuts

- Dairy