Canada 2060


-= Introduction =-

One of the most rapidly growing countries in the world is Canada. Every day, we experience creativity and innovation through things such as culture and technology. Over the years, Canada grew and really improved as a country. Many people immigrated for reasons beneficial to them and are happy with the choice they made. Everything is fine as of today in the year 2015 but, what will happen in the future supposedly 45 years from now in 2060? How will people immigrate and what will happen to the aboriginals? What challenges will be faced and how will we overcome them? Want to know? Well then, grab a coffee and let’s talk.

-= Population Increase Or Decrease By 2060? =-

Canada’s population will increase immensely as immigration rates will increase. Why are more people immigrating to Canada? Not because of new society or because someone told them that it’s the best country in the world to live in. They went there to learn, to get a better job, a better education. Something most countries do not offer today. People get a good job, then settle down and create a home for themselves: a family. Over the years, sexual activity in Canada has and will continue to increase. Birth rates will take a huge increase but miscarriages and abortions have happened quite often and so a large number of the new born will die. Not only that but many people today are suffering from poverty and climate change. The climate is nice most of the time and wont affect us critically before 2040. Global warming will increase and the greenhouse effect will pollute the air. There should be a solution though as technology will be advanced. A good idea would be a vacuum that drives out unhealthy air. Whatever the solution is won’t help much though. Why? Simple, no trees. It is true that Canada has a lot of fresh farm land and many beautiful forests but they will most likely all be cut down to build factory’s and other structures, In other words, for money. This problem hasn’t affected our country but people fear that it will in the near future because of the choices of our future “wise” president. Well, at least immigrants are doing a good job not wasting money and spending it on useful resources. Canada accepts over 250,000 immigrants and that number will increase by 2060. One of the best and the most likely reason people immigrate or choose to live in Canada is because of the impeccable services the country offers.

Highest Reasons for Immigration:

- excellent health care

- magnificent education system

- first-rate quality land

- yoga on Parliament Hill (no seriously)

- fresh and clean cities

- strong and stable economy

- many food supplies

- clean and pure water

Still, we need to continue improving so we can help the elderly. Most of the elderly have retired and moved onto either retirement homes or gone to live with a sibling. That gives them a longer life span and an opportunity to enjoy what’s left of their time. The population will surely decrease of the years but how much will it increase? Theorizing, the population will increase from (currently) 35,871,000 to 47,113,000. In short, the population of Canada by 2060 will have grown massively and will continue to grow over the years but we have to be careful on seeing whats right and whats wrong or else our country will...well, perish.

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-= Technology And Resources In 2060 =-

As Canada grows, trading and communication between countries will be increased and more supplies will be imported. Resources such as fossil fuels, food and water supplies will increase. We will have unlimited water and food supplies, but will need another source for fossil fuels because those won’t last at the rate being used today. Next door to Canada is the USA and Mexico whom provide excellent trade and personal growth opportunities. Canada will need a lot of money to be able to get more resources and technology. Taxes have the main role in how much money Canada’s government will make. Of course, they have to use that wealth wisely now. It is true some people will be poor but mostly all citizens and immigrants should have a well playing job. New technology will be introduced which will open up the doors for citizens to many new jobs. The new tech could also help many patients survive many diseases and cure many viruses. As new research predicts Cancer deaths will be eliminated for all under 80 by 2060 so that should hopefully increase the number of people alive…unless that cure turns about to be a deadly virus that can destroy the world. For example, take a look at how well stem cells worked out, a whopping $40,000 spent and very little to no success in the last 20 years. Oh well, maybe someone will make a find a vaccine or technology will make a cure. New technology is fine and all but we can’t get attached to it. People these days are acting like they’re married to their phones and we cannot let that continue because things are made to be used and people are to be loved, not the other way around.

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-= First Nations And Aboriginals =-

The future for aboriginals and first nations looks decent as they have unique techniques for survival. The skills they have such as hunting, building, observing etc come in use for the future as they wont rely in technology and those skills will become extraordinary because not many people will know about them. People will most likely rely on technology so that's an advantage for first nations and aboriginals as they will have their own mental and physical skills to rely on for survival. Regardless, aboriginals will need some technology as apposed to normal people who will likely most rely on new technology. Canada's future will depend a lot on aboriginals as we will need their knowledge and "ways" to keep on living. Education and healthcare will be increased for first nations so they can get a proper education and be taken care of. The best part though, false rumors such as "too much alcohol" or "too violent" will have most likely been proven as a mistake.

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Here is a little podcast to show how the world is going to change for us by 2060

-= Conclusion =-

We trust this country and its people and know that it will someday shine brighter than it already is. Everyone is looking towards the future to see what’s in store for them because no one has time for the past. We made a mistake? That’s fine we can always fix it. Know that "the truth is always deniable but never avoidable" - Prince Ea.

Dear Future Generations: Sorry


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