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Let's Talk About It: The 'N' word: February 11th

Whether you've said or heard the 'N' word, there's no denying that this word is packed with a lot of history, emotions, experiences and thoughts about it's meaning and use.

The Let's Talk About It Series kicks off the Spring semester with The 'N' Word on February 11that 6pm in the AAPC 124.

Join Multicultural Student Union, African American Studies Professor Anyiwo & The Office of Diversity & Inclusion for an engaging, facilitated discussion about this powerful word.

Brewed Awakenings: Coffee, Conversation & Controversy February 19th

Topic: Colorblindness; Date: Wed. February 19th; Location: Student Center Grey Meeting Room; Time: 3:30-4:30pm

"Bolstered by the election of Barack Obama, proponents of colorblindness argue that the obstacles faced by blacks and people of color in the United States can no longer be attributed to racism but instead result from economic forces..." - Tim Wise

Do You?

  • Think race is talked about too much or not enough?
  • Believe inequalities in America aren't related to race?
  • Feel we all are just a part of one race, the human race?
  • Have thoughts/opinions on Colorblindness?

Then join Us as we discuss Colorblindness & its place in American society!

Light refreshments will be served

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