European Music from The renaissance

Music and Composers

Johannes Ockeghem, Belgium

Johannes Ockeghem was one of the most influential composers of the renaissance. By the second half of the 15th century he was actually considered the most influential composer. Ockeghem was also a well known signer choirmaster and teacher. There are not many details about his earlier life like most composers from this period. Ockeghem wrote both types of sacred music and also chansons. Ockeghem had huge influence on the music of Josquin De Prez. Ockeghem died in Tours France and Josquin Des prez wrote a piece in his honor.

Paces Were Johannes Was Born, Worked and Died

Josquin Des Prez, Netherlands

Josquin Des Prez was a netherlandish composer. Josquin was a very famous composer and wrote both sacred and secular music with included masses, motets, and chansons. like most composers of this age there is not much known about Josquins early life. the earliest definite record of him was of his employment which was dated April 19th 1477. He was a singer at a chapel of Rene, duke of anjou(A.K.A:Good King Rene) in Aix-en-Provence. Josquin was said to have lived in France, Milan, Rome, and Ferrara. Eonde-sur-l'Escaut, France was the death place of josquin Des Prez

Guillaume Dufay, France

Guillaume Dufay was a french composer from the early renaissance, the the mid 15th century he was the most influential composer of the renaissance. He was a child if an unknown priest and a woman named Marie Du Fayt. When Dufay was young his mother took him to Cambria, it didn't take long for the cathedrals there to recognize his musical talents they gave him thorough training through music and by 1409 he was listed as a choir boy and stayed a choir boy for 3 years before moving to the counsel of Konstanz for 7 years before coming back to Cambria. For two years he worked for the Cambrian Cathedral. In 1420 he left cambria again this tme going to Rimini and possibly Pesaro where heworked for a wealthy family

European music From The Renaissane

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