Ms. Lara 1st Grade Classroom

September Newsletter

Teacher's Bio:

This year I am your child 1st grade teacher. First of all I want to welcome back students and parents to this great school year. My name is Ms. Lara and I am excited to be your child teacher. This is my first year teaching and I am excited to teach your student. This year students are going to learn many different things on different subject including math, science, social studies, and English. I am looking forward to this school year and I am thrilled to be here. If you have any questions or concerns you can contact me at my email or my phone number 555-516-5493.

Number the Snake Activity:

This week, my students are learning to count to 100. On Tuesday, students did a fun activity called, Number the Snake. In this activity students are asked to color and fill in the numbers that are missing in the snake body. This activity would help students know their numbers from 1 to 100 and be able to count to 100. Students are able to personalize their snake by coloring the body of the snake, but at the same time they are learning because the students are filling the blanks. The students personalize snake would be display on the outside of the classroom and you are welcome to come and see your child work.

Educational Game Review

This week we started to solve one and two step math addition problems. If you want to help your child practice their skills in adding two and one step problems, well I have a fun online game that your child can play and practice their addition problems. The game is an online game which can be found in the following website: The educational game, alien addition, is a fun math game which students can engage in solving additional problems. Alien addition is an appropriate game for 1st graders, the game consists of spaceships and a laser cannon. The student would be able to solve the math problems by placing the laser cannon at the correct spaceship. Inside the spaceships there would be math problems that the student would have to solve, the laser cannon would show a number, and the student would have to put the given answer in the right addition problem. Alien addition has six stages that the student can play, every time your child passes a stage it would get a little harder the game, but at the end students would be able to solve math problems and/or improve their math skills. Every once in a while students play this game during their centers time, students enjoy playing the game, but sometimes during class we don’t have enough time to play all the six stages of the online game, alien addition. Playing alien addition inside your homes would help your child improve their math skills.

1st Grade Questionnaire

At the beginning of the semester I asked students to answer a questionnaire. This survey helps me understand the student diversity, the different types of things students like to do, and it helps me get to know something about the students. It is important for me to give out this questionnaire to my 1st grade classroom because it helps me know what students like, enjoy to do, and I can incorporate what students like and enjoy to do in my lesson plans and class activities.