A Life As A Karankawa

By Kimberly Boysillo

A life as a Karankawa

The Karankawa Indians lived along the Texas coast of the Gulf of Mexico. They live at eight different kinds of countries called Galveston island, Matagorada bay, all different kinds of countries. There houses were small huts made out of long sapling tree trunks or limbs bent over and tied together. They would stick one end of the tree limb or saplings in to the ground in a big circle. They use bow and arrows to catch fish or alligators. They also eat deer, occasional stray buffalo, bear, berries, nuts, eggs, and small mammals. For the clothing the men would wore normal clothes or sometimes they went out naked. For the women would wore grass skirts the kids I know it sounds funny but they went out naked in warm weather but they always put grease on. The reason why they do that is because there environment has lots and lots and lots of insects that bite and that's why they put grease all over there bodies. For the last the karankawas favorite weapon, the weapon that make them famous for is the bow and arrow.