Speedy Separator

By: Mars G.

The Problem I am Trying to solve

The problem I am trying to solve is oil spill clean up. I think that oil spills are really sad because the people in the oil industry only want to keep them and their family alive, but oil spills create massive fines to pay for cleanup and large environmental damage. Spills waste money, hurt the workers and hurt the environment. That's why I did research on oil spills (research page) and created prototypes to help clean up (prototypes page) spills more efficiently.

This is the Speedy Separator

Speedy Separator is a long strip of wood with divots burnt into it so that when the oil-polluted water goes down the separator the water gets trapped in each divot and the oil goes into a container to be used. The materials required to build this prototype would be a wooden strip, soldering iron(owned), large plastic box, olive oil or motor oil, and water. I would engrave divots along the wooden strip to make the separator and place the strip on a 4 degree angle inside the box. I think that it will work because oil is more lightweight than water. The water must be placed on the separator in miniscule amounts and slowly. However, by simply making the design larger it might help speed up the process. One of the obstacles I might need to face is the fact that the separator separates out the water instead of the oil which might be a problem. I may want to make an ad on part that immediately returns the water to a separate area with clean water.
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Frequently Asked Questions:

Them: What is your topic?

Me: My topic is oil pollution

Them: Why did you choose oil spills as a topic

Me: I chose oil spills as a topic because they kill so many animals.

Them: What animals specifically

Me: Specifically Herring, Orca Pod AT1, and pigeon guillemots