Internet Safety

how to be safe on the internet

Things to know

When using the internet you could get in to trouble fast you could do many things but the internet is also used for homework and for things like that

Some ways to stay safe

  • while using the internet you could not talk to people you never met
  • not download random content
  • read things before you buy them or get them
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Viruses are like bugs in your computer that have a greatly negative affect on your computer viruses can also make your computer crash that's why its a good thing to read about what you are downloading and not to download random things such as games, apps, etc.

More info

when you are using the internet you have to be careful with a lot of things there are many people that use the internet and that can see what you do post or anything like that and you have to be careful what you put on the internet because once its there its never gone its there forever any person can see it and it can affect your future like when you get a job you can get all you info checked by your boss and that can have a negative affect on your reputation and that's not a good thing because it can cost you your job so its a good idea to clean out all the things that are not good on your account any account you have that you have posted bad things