Dystopia project .:By Pamela Delgado & Jenine Tipo:.

Come Visit Our Wonderful City!

Our city is the perfect place to stay.


It has all the latest technology thanks to our top-notch engineers. Devices include projector phones, and stuff. Our citizens are granted with great security, protected with the large army and large walls surrounding the city.

Because of the walls, those who not work in the undercover government territory are not permitted to go in the outside world. But why go out in the dangerous world when everything is granted inside the walls? For example, our large military keeps peace between the people, and has all the latest technology thanks to our top-notch engineers.

<The Test>

<The Test> determines what class you settle in, and what job you have. <The Test> is split into 3 categories: Reading, Math, and Science.

The Upper-Class live in the city, living with luxurious resources. Their jobs range from territory traders (lowest) to being a general (highest).

However the Lower-Class is for the ones who did not pass the test. These people are sent outside the wall and forced to work in either the farms or factories, depending on the territory they join.
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Tuoli (Undercover government)

This job surveys outside the wall making sure that peace between the territories stay.
On the outside, traders are responsible for trading food and weapons for the city.

The Territories.


Secret Underground Market

Trades Illegally (trades with other territories that are not allies with there territory)


secret passage ways to get around of the city and other territories