1st Rajpur Nature Film Festival

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Rajpur Community Initiative Society With CMS Vatavaran present

1st Rajpur Nature Film Festival

Thursday, April 16th, 9am to Saturday, April 18th, 5:30pm

Civil Service Institute Auditorium, Rajpur

Rajpur Community Initiative Society

We have formed this community to have a close knit community. All of us will be working together towards uniting community in a spirit of neighbourliness and community service. Together we have to devise programmes to improve the quality of life for all in community.After forming this community we realised that Rajpur"s natural resources are under great threat of encroachment - its rivers sources,riverbeds, khalas, reserve forest, public land and heritage buildings- everything is being eyed by vested interest groups and encroached upon by them. From now on our main objective will be to protect our community resources .

CMS Vatavaran

CMS VATAVARAN - International Environment & Wildlife Film Festival and Forum is India’s only International Film Festival.

In 2002, CMS committed itself to a process animated by a few, really abstract, ideals. Even as the natural world seemed to reach the end of its carrying capacity, environment concerns seemed restricted to a few. CMS took the road less travelled and conceived an innovative idea to address these concerns. The dream was to make environmental concerns a priority through a platform that was not only exciting but also deeply enriching. The aim was to create a platform for practitioners to interact with people to make the entire effort collaboration.