The Heir

Draper - smore

From The Selection series comes...

The title of this book is The Heir. The author of this book is Kiera Cass.
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After Maxon and America got married, they had an heir. But by seven seconds, their daughter, Eadlyn beat her twin brother, Ahren out first. Then she became the heir. There was only one problem, the heir was supposed to be a boy. After changing the rules, she had to learn how to run the country herself. But she cannot become queen without a king so a new selection begins. Not only for that reason, but the people are still not happy even though king Maxon ended the castes. Eadlyn does not want to have a selection so she made a deal with her father that she will try for three months. The three months go by so slow that she actually tried to meet some of them. Later tragedy strikes and America has a heart attack. When Eadlyn found out, she stops to think about everyone but herself for the first time and she decides that for her family's sake, she will need to marry one of the selected.