Oakley Elementary SGC

SY 16-17 Request for Flexibility Results

The Synopsis: Oakley Elementary School & RFF

Oakley Elementary is requesting 3 full release days (2-1st semester and 1-2nd semester) for professional development opportunities.

The public comment period started on 11/4/15 and lasted until 12/4/15.During this time parents and community stakeholders had the opportunity to vote and communicate their concerns regarding the RFF request. Comment boxes were placed in the front of the school, in the parent resource room and a digital copy was placed on the school's website. Efforts to inform parents of the Public Comment period were sent via school messenger.

The Results Are In

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81% Voted in Favor of Altering the School Calendar for Professional Development Days.

Feedback received via Public Comment:

  • What is the research justifying the need for additional days and how will this enhance impact of the students?
  • Why were the additional time not added to school calendar to alleviate the need to have tutorial days to give more learning time?
  • Train teachers on their days off when children are out on break. Extra days are a strain on parents.
  • There are already extra days out. And considering weather impacts.
  • Teachers need these development days to better assist our babies.


  • Responses to the above referenced questions can be found on the Request For Flexibility Proposal which is located on the school website under the parents column.