The Duck and the Darklings

By Glenda.M and Stephan.M.K

In the land of Dark, grew a child called Peterboy.

Home was a hole built with care, lit with love,

where he and Grandpapa shared everything.

Dark was a sorry, spoiled place; a broken and battered place.

It had been that way for so long that sunups and sundowns yesterdays and tomorrows and almost everything in them had beeen disremembered by each and all... except Grandpapa.

The old ones never brightened their gloomy burrows with tales of the long-ago when all was bright and beautiful. They dared not look at their ruined world.

Only when the heavenlies were deepest indigo and earth was the darkest violet were Peterboy and the other Darkling childs sent up and out to the finding fields.

Over heaps and hummocks of lsot and lonely thing they clambered,

gathering fiddlesticks for firewood,

filling billies with trickle and seeking crumbs and crusts of comfort to take home.

I hope this convinces you to read this book. Bye.